While vacationing in La Paz, Mexico, we discovered a pack of 34 stray dogs and cats living by the beach, struggling to survive. They were starving and in need of medical attention, but they were all friendly and got along well. We knew we had to help them. Thus began our humbling and rewarding efforts to save these deserving pets.

Our Story

None of this would have been possible without the tireless  efforts of our volunteers and the generous support of folks around the world.  What a privilege and honor to be able to both work with these folks, and be able to raise the funds needed to help these deserving creatures.

With the help of awesome volunteers, we were able to give Jorge a new, warm and dry home on his beach. Jorge does whatever he can to care for animals dumped on the beach. We found him sharing his beans with the cats on our second day! It was the least we could do for this kind soul.

Baja 34 Rescue Project